Santa Barbara Jail Facts
Spring 2015 Update

Introduction:  Since the website was posted over a year ago, little changed until late last year when Proposition 47 took effect. As a result jail populations have fallen throughout the state, and in January 2015, the Santa Barbara County Jail's ADP fell below the jail's rated capacity for the first time in a decade. In early February an interview with the officer in charge of the jail revealed that early releases had ended with little effect on the jail population. At the end of 2014, the County's new Chief Executive announced that crime rates had fallen to levels not seen since 1978. 

These changes prompted intense questioning by the Supervisors, and hasty revisions by the Sheriff's Department in the plans for retaining beds in the existing South County Jail, and in the projections of future operating costs. These and several other matter are discussed in several new reports based on investigation and analysis of new documents. Other recent reports revisit some issues discussed earlier. 

The Sheriff's 2015-17 Budget Workshop Report
The Sheriff's Department provides projections for the operating costs of the entire jail complex. Numerous questionable assumptions are revealed through analysis. 

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Analysis of an Important New Report from Sheriff Bill Brown
On April 16, the Sheriff's Department sent the Supervisors a report entitled Northern Branch Jail, Past, Present, & Future which discussed many issues that had been raised by the Supervisors in March. An analysis reveals internal contradictions and errors.
We Do Not Need Another Jail (and we couldn't afford one if we did)
This report, written late in 2014, provides an in-depth analysis violent crimes rates, demonstrating how aggravated assaults are excessively coded to increase violent crime rates in Santa Barbara County. The analysis reveals the very high cost of excess incarceration here compared with a typical county of similar crime rate and population.
Important Background Information about Approaches to Criminal Justice in Santa Barbara County
This survey of the history of the campaign for a new jail in Santa Barbara County places it in a cultural and ideological context.. .
Santa Barbara County Jail: Needs Assessments
This report reviews Rosser's needs assessments and projections--their pre-assumptions, hidden biases, unfounded assumptions, and elementary errors. It points out how the Sheriff and others who must know the truth have misled the Supervisors and the Public as to their real nature.